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The macro that popularized the motto.

Love and tolerance is a catchphrase commonly associated with the brony fandom that has a history of being used as a rebuttal to trolls at its inception, then later was often reinterpreted to be a variant meaning of the show until the term’s meaning was lost in its ambiguity.  By most testimonies today, it is often picked up by outsiders, newcomers, and journalists that try to understand the fandom and are too quick to “fill in the blanks” in aspects that they haven’t understood about it, erroneously perceiving it as a reflection of the sheer, utter joyfulness of the show. While some subgroups view it as an extension of the show’s theme, most of the *chan related activity disregard the term due to the abused interpretation of it. However, in the air of all ambiguous meanings of “Love and tolerance,” whether as a troll tactic, a sense of benevolence, or something lost in between, it has helped build that community when it was still young.

A lot of people have looked into these mottos as a philosophy rather than their original intentions at their inception, and is often supported by saying, if you take a kid's show to the level of a philosophical lifestyle, you've already failed.


The origin of the phrase “love and tolerance” grew amongst the many brony-related terms and memes that /co/ users had developed to acknowledge the existing community, as many internet-related groups will do.[1] In fact, the reason why MLPG popularized these phrases is part of the same reason for their stance on the fandom today – they love their individuality. The words, “love” and “tolerance” were greatly popularized in a famous image macro of Twilight staring from the distance, captioned “I will tolerate and love the SHIT outta you”, though they have been found in the archives prior to that macro.[2]

Later that month came the popularizing /b/rony threa

The earliest instance of "love" and "tolerate" being used in such context.

ds, where despite the surroundings of the chaotic board, they were overall friendly, though more socializing. After the February bannings, the motto made its way to Ponychan. In Ponychan's early life, the site sought numerous instances where love was alive, including the thread that inspired !!Celestia to open the /arch/ board[3], where out of all people, even Lauren Faust came in and replied to the thread.

On Ponychan

At that time, Ponychan was more like hippiechan, at its own little world out there. However, those whom actually ascribed to "tolerance" understood the limits of such. Many threads would be created where people would not just be discussing the show or fanwork, but they would be taking it to a degree where they were supporting each other's lives. For example, in a thread in late April 2011, a user named Star!Shadow started a thread in /chat/ saying "This has been the only bright point in my life." After a while, it became clear that he was suicidal. He allegedly attempted suicide, and on a hunch, one of Ponychan's moderators reported his IP address to the police. Star was found and hospitalized. He is now alive and kicking, and with better antidepressants to boot.[4]

Incidentally, it has been suggested that these "suicide threads" have been created out of other motives, and thus are no longer allowed on Ponychan.

Love, Tolerance, and Other Myths


Love, Tolerance, and Other Myths

On June 20, 2012, a newsletter was submitted on MLPonies (now known as RoundStable) that broke down the meaning of "Love and Tolerance" and argued that none of these values were taught as to be the show's theme, and ultimately, the article was a critical success and attracted much positive attention. 

The article explains that embracing love and tolerance "isn't a great way for a fan to convince others that he's a discriminating fan of quality content" and that "the show's real premise can indeed stand on its own, if it's described with more appropriate vocabulary."[5]

As it currently stands, much of the fandom has dissociated with "love and tolerance" due to its unconvincing nature.