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This article is specifically about the thread linkboard on /chat/ and /gala/. For the subcommunity board on Ponychan, see Gala.

Subcommunities are communities that allocate themselves into a single thread. On Ponychan, they used to be defined by the sticky that appears on their /chat/ and /gala/ board, then as of late June, on MLPchan's /oat/ and /anon/ board. It is necessary to know these serial/general threads because they connect with communities that were too large for their initial board.

Of course, the entirety of Ponychan's subcommunity is located on /gala/, which is amongst the fastest boards on the site. It works similar to 4chan's /vg/, whereas your thread will only stay alive if the community is alive.

On MLPchan, these threads remain as one central directory on /oat/ and as a locked thread on /anon/, some of them being NSFW and invisible to the remainder of the site with the mature content filter off.

"Serial" and "General"

They can either be named "Serial Threads" or "General Threads". The term Serial Thread is widely associated and almost exclusively on Ponychan. The term "General" is commonly thrown around as such a thread on 4chan, and MLPchan inherited it. The definition of "Serial" derives from the word "series," implying that this thread is constant and recurring. The meaning of "General" implies that all related material should be allocated to said thread.

[#cyclic] tag

In March 2013, MLPchan introduced a feature involving a tag for serials/generals. Either by clicking a checkbox or putting [#cyclic] in the OP of a thread, the thread will automatically truncate itself to the last 500 posts by cycling out old posts once it reaches that number. This was added to reduce the strain on users browsers. As anyone who has tried opening a serial thread with thousands upon thousands of posts can attest, doing so can be a laborious task, often impossible for people with slower internet connections. In addtion, it was done to improve overall site performance. This also means cyclic threads do not need to remake themselves as often.

Directory catalog

Below is a list of all subcommunities of Ponychan and MLPchan.

Subcommunities of both Ponychan and MLPchan
/pony/ after dark is for the more laid back and for more off-topic posting that would normally be discouraged from the majority of /pony/. Ponychan's faction of /p/ad remains the largest serial on their site.
Love and Advice is a serial thread where users come to ask for guidance upon their current relationships involving either their love life or their social life.
Ponychan Serials
Dirty Hooves Hangout - Formerly "/oat/ gala", is the subcommunity serial thread dedicated to ponychan's /oat/. It assumes the same guidelines of posting on /oat/, except the community centralizes their silliness into one thread.
The Fellowship of the Pic - A serial thread where there's more communication and has no specifications of what to post, unlike the rest of /fic/ where it's essentially just a place to dump your folder.
How Are You is a serial for the intention to centralize all of the "How Are You" threads on /chat/
Snuggle Thread is basically a hugbox thread for /oat/ and /rp/, as simple as that.
Single and Lonely is a serial for those who discuss who they are in order to get advice on what type of relationship they need, and stands as one of the most popular independent serials on the site.
The Story Thread is one of the more organized and serious subcommunities. It involves part of the community from /oat/ and /fic/ brainstorming together to write stories.
Appledash Thread is a small, nucleated group of individuals who, despite the generally... general discussions, appreciate both Rainbow Dash and Applejack as being constructively apparent to the show's success. That and because RD and AJ rock.
Spacetime - Was originally on the hidden board /spaaaaaace/ on Ponychan, before the moderation staff asked them to relocate to the /gala/ serial board, and it consisted of a group of /oat/ regulars who used it as a hangout to socialize outside of /oat/. It is largely dormant currently, with most of its activity either in their private Skype group or the MLPchan /space/ board many migrated to.
The "Hi Thread" is just a serial to allocate all of /chat/'s "Hi" threads.
/rp/'s Green Room acts as the middle ground between /rp/ and /ooc/, making it a perfect training ground for newcomers.

 is a serial dedicated to the discussion aimed at the lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender community.

The Order of the Insomniacs is a subcommunity to allow anything from ponychan's existing boards to be posted in one thread, whether it is roleplaying, making friends, or just their usual babbling.

At the merging of /oat/ and /chat/ alongside the recent wave of refugees from 4chan's /mlp/, MLPchan's linkboard has been altered frequently to the point that it seems redundant to keep up with the directory. As of right now, we will list the most popular existing generals only.

MLPchan Generals
Thread Killers Club is a community serial dedicated to thread derailment.
A.W.G. Thread - /anon/'s thread dedicated to the pony plot - the rear-end, the behind, the dairy-aire; in other words, the butt. (NSFW)
/mu/sic General is the obligatory off-topic discussion of non-pony related music.
Second Life General - A group from /anon/ whom explore the online world of Second Life. The game itself isn't rated mature, however, any user can add whatever they want in it, and as a result, this subgroup will often create mature content for it.
/b/ and friends is a subgroup of pony fans many of which originally came to the fandom through the popular pony threads on 4chan's /b/ board, or became attracted to the community after it's various moves through different sites. Sometimes referred to as "/b/read" after its moniker on /mlp/. With the relative dissolution of the /b/ pony threads on 4chan, it is the second longest continually running pony community besides /co/'s MLP General and quite possibly the largest serial on MLPchan.
>BLOC Thread: a thread for pony fans playing the newly popular >BLOC geo-politics game, a text-based, turn-based strategy game similar to a broader Nation States game.
/space/ threadis a hidden serial, not listed in the directory. It resides on the hidden /space/ serial, and is a haven for off-topic chatting, quasi-roleplaying and socializing among an established group of /oat/ members as a hangout outside the confines of /oat/. Originally the Spacetime thread on Ponychan (or the /space/-/oat/ party thread, depending on which name you like), the group exists primarily now on MLPchan's hidden /space/ board.
Fluffy Pony General - A long running /mlp/ general that sought refuge on MLPchan. Fluffy ponies originated from an OC that gained popularity on /co/ named "Fluffle Puff" and much of the fanworks surround OC's drawn in similar manner. Fluffy Pony threads often include greentext stories, which can contain questionable content. (NSFW)
Milky Way General - Another general from /mlp/ surrounding a popular OC known as "The Milkmare from Trottingham." Starting off as an artist's OC from tumblr, The "milkmare", a blue-maned pony with breasts on its crotch area, evolved into a long-running series of vector art and questionable greentext stories. (NSFW)
Tulpa General - A general that was popular on 4chan's /x/ board later branched off into Pony Tulpas on /mlp/, then after the great ban storms of June 2013, migrated to MLPchan's /chat/ board, then their /oat/ board/. Most discussion involves users introducing and demonstrating their tulpas. Every so often, this general falls off-topic. Technically tulpa threads are work-safe, but newcomers are strongly advised to adhere to the home site's safety concerns.

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