lilly in a state of extreme arousal


Lilly IRL No Joke

Lillyflowers has been known to get really drunk and do stupid shit, but 'she' also writes hilarious yet beautiful user shipping clopfics. If 'she' was crippled, 'her' cripplething would be alcoholism. That doesn't make any sense, but just go along with it. Lillyflowers occasionally trolls Ponychan with medium to high levels of effectiveness.

'She' forgot everything about The Night Of Rage. Lillyflowers was once believed to be a woman, though much evidence contradicts this. She is known to post Cheerilee, as well as pics of Muscular Trixie and Anne Frank. She was often seen in company of SaiKar, Tripfoalins, Bags, and Ravage enough to be considered a "thug."

Lillyflowers nowadays.

Lillyflowers was found to be a teenager male acting like a female to get gainz.

The Tale of Two Lillys

Just when you thought one lilly was lewd enough there are now two lillys that are buddies and both of them are extremely lewd. God help you if you ever get caught inbetween them.

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