Lightning Ruff's OC

Lighting Ruff (formerly know as @$$holeosa an currently known as Ruff Draft) is a regular poster on /oat/, but can occasinoally be seen on /chat/ and /gala/, and when new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are being aired, /show/ and /pic/. He acts quite obnoctiously and flity on Ponychan, but in real life, he is quite shy and quiet. He usually posts reaction images of Pinkie Pie or his OC.

Original Character

Lightnig Ruff's OC is a red stallion with a blue mane, a goatee, and green eyes. His cutie mark is a black feather, representing a quill, representing his love for drawing and writing. Currently, his pictures are just different facial expressions made using The Hub's pony generator, but he intends to draw and color images himself when he has the time.

Lightning Ruff and Companion Pony kissing

Lightning Ruff's first hand-drawin and hand-colored picture of his OC. Also pictured: Companion Pony.

His OC used to have more saturated colors and a magnenta feather, however, after 4 complaints, one from somone who had a medical condition that made them sensitive to saturated colors, he desaturated and darkened the colors. He also changed the cutie mark to make it the same color as his nib-pen in real-life.

My Ponysona

Lighting Ruff's old OC

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