League of Legends 2013
Sixty participants, twelve teams.
Hosted By Anonthony
Organizers Tom' the /♥/ bringer
Teams Flag-mlpchan MLPchan
Flag-ponychan Ponychan

Flag-4chan /mlp/

Teams By Name


Flag-mlpchan Draconic Defenders

/pony/ After Dark

Flag-mlpchan Bad at the Game

/b/ & Friends

Flag-mlpchan EYO SON

/b/ & friends (2)

Flag-mlpchan Deciples of Gochu


Flag-mlpchan Baylife

Ponychan /chat/

Flag-ponychan Qt Mark Crusaders

Ponychan PAD

Flag-ponychan Loligaggers

5 /mlp/ teams:

Spaghetti Summoners
My Little Nazis
Twenty Percent Cooler
PinkPonyPussy (P³)
Anon in Equestria

The Intersite League of Legends of 2013 was a multi-pony imageboard community competition that took place in the spring of 2013 between MLPchan, /mlp/ and Ponychan teams. Just like previous game organizers, the tournament was hosted by Anonthony. This time however, a few staff and users of mlpchan had taken the liberty of broadcasting the game as well.


MLPchan have seem to have a good foothold on managing these seasonal games, and this time, they had divided them up to take up the length of what would resemble such. Each of the teams was given two opposing teams per week, with which they had to schedule, with or without the organisers' help.

Each pair was to play two "rounds", totalizing 4 games per week for each team.

After each game, team captains would give the results in a closed skype chat, for organizers to update the scoreboards.

The Tournament

The tournament went on for three weeks, each with less games than the last as more and more teams gave up before finishing all of their match-ups.
This caused a problem in organization as some teams had more played games than others. However the top three teams at the end of the tournament were indubitably:

- 20% Cooler (/mlp/) with 100% win rate
- Bad At The Game (MLPchan) with 93.3% win rate.
- [WW@]EYO SON (MLPchan) with 75% win rate.

Broadcasting and recording

The tournament was actively broadcasted, the broadcasters organizing themselves to make sure every game was being streamed.
The broadcasters were Dysro, Saefyr, Tom' the /♥/ bringer and Derpymouz, the channels varied but the two main were Tom's and Dysro's. Tom' used more than once team players as guests on his channel.

As of today recordings of some of those casts can be found here.

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