Kenny is a Insomniac, who's brain gets blown out by elephants from the 11th dimension if he so much as posts in another thread.

Summary of Ponychanian Life

He joined sometime in mid-2011, his earliest postings were as PabloTheWalkingTaco and in that form he was immune to the elephants. But then he realized that being a taco was a retarded plan.

The Order of the Insomniacs

The Order of the Insomniacs was magically cursed by Molestia herself to be safe from 11th Dimension Elephants, which intrigued Kenny. It turns out it was a serial thread that had the fucked up sense of humor Kenny enjoyed. It was in it's late 40's. It is now in it's 100's.

Insomniac Membership

Kenny started posting in The Order of the Insomniacs in October 2011, but he left briefly for reasons known only to him. He returned in December 2011, because he had realized his destiny & shelter from elephants in the thread.

Early Membership

AO tried to rape Kenny in his first appearence, but it was not meant to be as Kenny killed himself & chilled in Hell, with his homeboy Satan until [Quote from AO] "Molestia lost her magic." Kenny tried to return to the surface, but his body got used to the immense heat of Hell, so he stayed. He and Satan would spend their nights picking up Emo Demon Hipster Chicks, until Matthew Patel punched him in the balls for stealing his joke.

Life Today

Around January 2012, Kenny earned the title of the Insomniac Sign Painter. He was also playing EarthBound, but his ROM was deleted by his sister. Kenny has coped with this devastating loss by playing Chrono Trigger & protecting his computer with a stronger password.

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