Kmeb at google meeting monday


KMEB is an adowable widdle munchkin c:

KMEB is a frequent poster in /ef/. He/she/it is an avatarfag, frequently posting actual photos of himself/herself/itself for attention. (only in /ef/, used a white male unicorn with a black mane in /rp/)

KMEB loves talking about himself/herself/itself. it is his/her/it's absolute favorite thing to do; frequently derailing perfecty nice threads to talk about his/her/it's breast reductions. He/she/it will take absolutley any excuse he/she/it can to talk about his/her/it's gender. He/she/it also claims to be somewhat rich and never stops bragging about how many throat dildos, ball gags and fursuits he/she/it can afford. He/she/it claims this is is because of his/her/its own hard work. He/she/it is Jewish, however, so his/her/it's success is obviously just the result of accumulated Jew gold.

On /rp/ he/she/it was much more serious. It is funny cause he/she/it stated several ti/she/itmes that he/she/it Hates roleplaying and /rp/ers. He/she/it appears on the /rp/ IRC too, because even though he claims to have "detoxed" himself from /rp/ he/she/it still needs his/her/it's methadone fix.

Is a massive faggot and quite proud of it. Apparently fucked people on camera for money like a common prostitute. That's not even a joke, he/she/it has mentioned being a porn actor several times while whoring for attention.

KMEB is a comple idiot, though. He/she/it only acts like he acts in /ef/ because he/she/it can't stand the thought of not being thought of as 'cool' by random internet fucks.

KMEB is a big fan of shitty music, so much so, that he/she/it lived out the song "Shot through the heart", and survived.

Now that ef is gone, replace all instances of "ef" with "chat and gala."

He is also a big doody head.

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