Italo is a kind of weird girly (yet heterosexual) guy who is on a strange and borderline creepy journey to corrupt humanity (I wouldn't trust him around my children)

Italo is a brogbonian faggot.


  • Rule #1 states it is all Italo's Fault. It is ALWAYS Italo's fault.
  • Italo loves to collect images of his favorite characters. He claims to have over 200 images of Mimi and over 1000 images of Diamond Tiara, the biggest bitch in MLP:FiM his favorite pony.
  • Italo turned MeinFlank back into a Digifag.
  • He likes girly girls and a lot of girly stuff.
  • Italo has an explained hatred of Digimon Frontier, because it sucks.
  • He wishes he had as much cool Digiswag as his bro, MeinFlank.
  • He faps to images of snails. No I don't! I only like snails because they are cute! (LIKE like
  • He is a very nice pony and everypony really likes him a lot! (Or so says Moony)
  • Italo is now called Iara
  • Italo used to post Pinkie Pie in his first months. Then, he posted Diamond Tiara.

Effects in the fandom

Italo's effects in the fandom are pretty small. He made a lot of people over Ponychan tolerate, or even like, Diamond Tiara. Also, he is responsible for a lot of Diamond Tiara pictures, as you can see in his Ponibooru account.


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