Into the Sky is a poster from Ponychan who spends the majority of his time in either /pony/, the /pony/ after dark serial thread in /chat/ and /dis/. He first showed up on ponychan in late July following his realization that the Equestria Daily comment sections are filled with people scrambling to get attention, which was seriously limiting his own ability to be an attention whore.

Posting Behavior

Originally, he was often quite kind, thoughtful, and considerate of the opinions of others, striving to resolve conflicts and end disagreements permanently. He has since been corrupted by the heathens, leading him to become a bit of an asshole. This is especially evident when he removes his Trip and goes around as an anon once every full moon. Medical authorities remain uncertain as to his fate, but are not optimistic and have encouraged him to visit a therapist who excels in helping assholes cope with their dickish behavior.

Into the Sky is also known for his strong distaste to anything even remotely sexual, from shipping, to lewd jokes, and especially to threads concerning canon romantic interests. Because of this, his behavior has often been labeled, "prudish" or "repressed". This is often assumed to be linked to the fact that he's never had a girlfriend and the closest he's come to a sexual experience is holding a girl's hand on a bicycle trip. Pretty pathetic in all honesty.

Pinkie pie is using prudence

A pic often used by Into the Sky during Fall of 2011.

On /pony/

Finally, Into the Sky is also known as the former /pony/ Pinkie poster. He originally began posting Pinkie Pie back in August when he realized that most of the other characters had already been taken and he felt he needed a schtick in order to gain a greater notoriety. Surprisingly enough, it worked, and for a time he was largely known for posting solely with Pinkie reaction images. Paradoxically, because of his constant fear of being upstaged and thrown into the dustbin of history, he would often immediately stop posting as Pinkie if another poster began posting with her. This didn't cause too much trouble until the resident Fluttershy poster switched too Pinkie Pie for as of yet undetermined reasons (Though some scholars suggest a form of avatar Vampirism may be the cause). Because of this, Into the Sky was forced to fall back upon his Gummy reaction images which he had built up during the previous era.

Presently, he generally posts a variety of reaction images, generally not with enough consistency to be labelled avatarring, though he has recently been posting frequently with reaction images captured from Tim Minchin's beat poetry short film "Storm". Time will tell as to whether or not his behavior remains consistent or instead veer wildly in a last ditch attempt to garner attention before leaving the site entirely in a huff.


Into the Sky has contributed nothing of value to the community.

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