Hitlar showing his love.

Hitler/Hitlar/Adulf was the first major parasprite on Ponychan, and is still a cherished member. He's famous for his spider threads and his sarcastic/witty (and often cruel) sense of humor.

HitIar also speaks in bastardized German replacing words like and, the, is, I, and my, with und, der, ist, Ich, and mein, until mods on Ponychan started filtering his words. (However he still talks like this on other websites.)

His usertrip was  HitIar !TAsFVpmTuM .


HitIar started out on /b/ shouting/spamming nonsensical German at ponies. Over time he changed his name to stay ahead of the pony spam filters going from Adolf Hitler to just HitIar. However, over time he calmed down (except the outbursts, jokes and trolling) and started joining in on discussions.

When he started appearing on Ponychan he was shunned as another troll attempt. But then slowly he stepped his way into the bronies' hearts and remains there to this day. The mods allowed him to stay as long as he didn't cause too much trouble and didn't mention sensitive subjects like the Jews and the holocaust.



Guess who had Pinkie's banjo...

HitIar went AWOL for a few months and was missed by many ponies. Unfortunately when he returned he received a less than loving welcome back as new ponies didn't know what to make of the Nazi dictator and HitIar was banned. Hitlar has returned to Ponychan, and posts occasionally, but is considered "ban-on-sight" by the Ponychan moderating staff for his continuous ban evasion.

Hitlar now appears on stevenchan, another popular pony imageboard.

Hitlar Schan

A thread dedicated to hitlar on other pony imageboards.

WARNING: Hitler bans are PERMA-BANS you will have to email a moderator to get one of these bans lifted.


Effect on the fandom=== HitIar's effect on the pony fandom is small but was still noticeable for a long period of time. The Brony HitIer series can be viewed here.



HitIar has been permabanned from Ponychan for "paraspriting too hard/ban evasion".