Mayor McTrollface

Havahd Yahd is a regular on the /pony/ board of Ponychan. He has been posting since roughly April and is one of the most famous posters on /pony/, giving him the nickname "Faggot". Hav was part of the Summer /pony/ Kings along with Bags, Ravage and Caboozles. He is known currently for his sarcastic yet serious posts which are almost always interpreted as trolling. He's gone by a couple names (HavahdYahd, Mayor of /pony/ville, Ein Deustche Pony etc.) but has sticked with Havahd for a majority of his posting. He also posts occasionally on /pic/, /meta/ and /pheonix/.

Havahd is most famous for his late summer thread that started the movement to get Stephen Colbert to mention bronies. He made the thread on July 30 after Stephen Colbert asked for ideas for his Super PAC. Havahd the suggested that we spam his suggestions box with pony suggestions. He got the movement to Equestria Daily as well and hundreds, possibly thousands of bronies submitted. Colbert, in light of all the suggestions, asked his audience if they knew what a "brony" was. An anon who was in the audience told Colbert and he started off his show with "I'd like to give a shout out, in here out there, to all my bronies" and pantomimed a horse. Havahd is aslo known for being one of the co-winners of the Epic /pony/ Rap Battle.

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