me irl



Reads boards: /oat/

Code: !4DtyOq0o0Q, until I accidentally left that one on some saved threads that I posted a download link to. Now it's !mUmASGWIEw

Element: the element of not knowing what the fuck is going on

Least favorite pony: Rainbow Dash

Identified by: Doctor Who pic usage

New: 8/2011

Elapsed time: Away from 3/2012 to 6/2012. Sporadically on and off Ponychan since 2013

Interests: Video/audio editing, collecting vinyl, poni

Sign: No right turn on red

Also known as: Prince Amber Storm

Date this page was created: 8/28/12

Infractions: Prolly.

Collects merchandise? No, apart from an Applejack spork

Kind of a dick at times [Category:Users]

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