My friend... these are them (awesome) goggles. (The goggles do nothing!, and they are actually not goggles)


Where do they come from?


Goggles that are used when editing

Originally on the face of the beloved background pony, DJ-PON3, goggles became a huge hit when Whelp began to photoshop (or otherwise edit) in their own goggles to different images. Since then, there's been goggles placed on the heads of just about every image on /oat/meal. The goggles template to the left was created by users Grandil and Van Horsing.

This whole meme actually started due to a thread started by a wonderful g/oat/ named Whelp. His thread got /arch/ived and can be viewed here.

Where are they now?

Just about everywhere. Goggles have made it into just about every image. They've even made it onto George Bush, they've made it onto OC's, they've even made it onto some ponies' flanks.

  • Big Boss has neat glasses and only one eye.
  • Flank Goggles