Fucking Surprise/Karina's avatar: Surprise, the Generation One pegasus, and also the pony originally suggested as one of the mane six by Lauren Faust.

Fucking Surprise, formerly known as Cedric Artisan, and sometimes known as Karina, is a Ponychan user who is commonly seen frequenting /meta/, /oat/, /rp/, /ooc/, /chat/, and /gala/. He is particularly infamous for a thread that occured in /ef/, two weeks prior to it's deletion by the moderator, in which Pezzy spilled out that he had online relations with a user on Ponychan, who masqueraded as a girl and then revealed he was a boy all along (which some poeple might now even realize).

History on Ponychan

To be added and consistently revised.


In January 2012, in the /meta/ thread where !!Celestia and the moderators all revealed their true identities on the site, Karina decided to do a little humor, and joked around under the name of "!!Toasty Sheep", implying that he was in a way, a role of authority. This eventually caught on as a term that was given to those who seemed to play in such, the role of a "mini-moderatorship." It also is used, more recently, by some users as a insult, lashing out at those who proposed at /ef/'s (eventual) deletion in long-posts. Karina himself considers his own posting as like a mini-mod at times, stating often at times, "Some posters need to look at both the technical and economical sides of boards, not just the layout and community."

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