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Welcome to Gyropedia-101. This wiki is not meant to be formal as to be no-fun-allowed, but not too ungoverned as to be deemed the brink of douchebag central. I would like to ask of you guys not to feel too pressured by this guide, but it would be helpful for you if you have no idea how a wiki works.

If you have contributed to wikis before, let me remind you that this won't be filled to the brim with elitist wrtiers like some others.

How to make an article.

  1. Run through the article and direct it with relevant articles using the link button. Most boards have a page already. So don't be shy to link link link!
  2. Screencaps, if possible. If the thread relevant to your topic still exists, screencap it! Ponychan doesn't have the luxury of a full archive, but if you want a few stickies, go to /predictionsandprophecies/ . It's essentially an archive board full of them.
  3. Restoringimges

    Wayback Machine image 404's are salvageable.

    While Ponychan doesn't have a complete archive, you are still free to go look through a site called The Web Archive. The Wayback Machine doesn't find everything, but if you google the filenames, you are going to find something!
  4. MLPchan related Articles are more than welcomed. We don't discriminate, don't worry.
  5. If you don't know how to use templates correctly, we can help. But here are a few that I suggest you get yourselves familiar with...

Recommendations on linking threads

  • Please do not post links to active threads outside of /arch/. They will 404 before anyone gets a chance to see them.
  • If you see a thread from a troll you wish to document here. Immediately save or screencap that thread before the mods intervene. (Of course, the gore and nudity would have to be censored)
    1. Get a dropbox account.
    2. Go to your designated thread, turn off any userscripts and switch to default theme.
    3. Go to Menu bar > Save as.
    4. Save it to a Public Folder on Dropbox
    5. Right click the HTM file > Dropbox > Copy Public Link
    6. Link it from your article, and you're done!

Examples of Successfully Archived Threads

  1. Clopblocked - A successfully intercepted thread.
  2. Diaperanon - A successfully archived recurring troll thread

How to Embed REAL youtube videos...

Are you tired of using wikia's default video embedder? Well worry no more! There is a way to embed videos with youtube's interface.

For example...

<youtube width=640 height=360>do6RDSwaWek</youtube>

This will give you the following...



Disregard everything in this article's section. As of June 2013, Wikia's administration has written a script that alters the interface of the Youtube Embed, converting everything into Wikia's default interface.

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