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A meme that originates from ponychan itself by . Fluttercry is an exploitable two-panel comic based on an edited screenshot from My Little Pony Episode 22: "A Bird In The Hoof". In the episode, Fluttershy is attempting to catch Princess Celestia's pet bird Philomena when she unexpectedly bursts into flame (unbeknownst to her, Philomena is a phoenix). She catches the ashes and begins crying, because she thinks Philomena is dead.

This screenshot was edited so that the ashes were replaced with a TV. The second pane shows a sad image, usually from a movie, TV show or video game. Notable ones include Mufasa's death in The Lion King, the incineration of the Companion Cube from Portal and seeing Doctor Whoof regenerate.

Other variations include other characters from the series watching things, such as Twilight Sparkle watching "nerdy" things, Pinkie Pie watching crazy things (while in a straitjacket) and Steven Magnet watching stereotypically homosexual things. There is also a variation where, instead of holding a TV, Fluttershy or another character is holding a videogame controller, and is either playing or watching a videogame of some sort.

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