Fluffy pony

Fluffle Puff, the fluffy pony of deviantArt user Mixermike662 and the star of the game 'GO FAST'.

fluffy pony (Equus sapiens ferus crinitus) is the fifth extant subspecies of the third subspecies of Equus ferus, or wild horse, with three subspecies of its own. The fluffy pony is known for having a longer, fluffier coat and lesser brainpower when compared its counterparts in Equus sapiens ferus cornutus, Equus sapiens ferus alatum, and Equus sapiens ferus fortis. Their lesser brainpower (though still more than Equus ferus caballus) allows them to learn and understand just about any language known to man. There are three known subspecies; Equus sapiens ferus crinitus cornutus, Equus sapiens ferus critinus alatum, and Equus sapiens ferus critinus fortis. Each possess similar qualities to their non-critinus counterparts, with the difference being that those belonging to critinus have less pronounced magical ability/flight ability/strength. Fluffy ponies are renowned for their superb temperament, and the bond that forms almost instantly between them and their pack leaders. Fluffy ponies breed like regular mammals up until the birth part. To give birth, the fluffy pony explodes, releasing its offspring.


Fluffy ponies, since their development, seem to breed and thrive virtually anywhere - they seem infinitely adaptable to a wide variety of locations, environments and habitats. The species originally evolved on the wild plains of /b/ and /mlp/.


Fluffies are known to come primarily from the fertile breeding grounds of Fluffybooru and /anon/.


Fluffy ponies are very fluffy, and need to be groomed multiple times daily. They must have at least three full-size meals per day to stay fit and healthy (remember that fluffy ponies are herbivores, not carnivores, and therefore cannot digest meat). In the wild, the fluffy pony is frequently energetic enough to burn the calories ingested in a timely manner, but as pets they will need to be taken for walks twice daily. The fluffy pony is a peace-loving animal, and should be okay with children and other non-aggressive pets.


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