This is the article on the Finnish man who legally changed his name to "Rainbow Dash", for the totally heterosexual equine, direct yourself here.


The original post on /oat/

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Finland, there was a Finnish brony who had just found that he could legally change his name to Rainbow Dash. He posesses the Element of Identity Changing.

How it went down

One fine day, a Finnish, male anonpony posted a thread, boldly stating that he could legally change his name to "Rainbow Dash" for free. Upon posting, he got mixed reactions. All but three and a half stating that it was stupid and that it would probably ruin his life, cheering him on for his brony valor, telling him to go through with it. Also shortly after, he changed his username to Reallifeponyname

. Before ultimately changing his name, he asked if he should have his name changed to "Magic Magnet" and not to "Rainbow Dash". But after drama and visits from /co/, he ultimately had his name changed
to "Rainbow Aleksi Dash", giving even more mixed reactions. The name change even got an article on Equestria Daily! And when it was all said and done, the thread was closed and sent to /arch/ for all eyes to see.

The user later made a thread on Ponychan stating that he had lied about the entire thing.

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