Ef sticky

The /ef/ sticky, at the time when the board still existed.

/ef/ was a board on Ponychan. On January 5, 2012, Everfree was added to the line of boards. Everfree, or /ef/, was essentially the /b/ of Ponychan.

Said to be an experimental board, no one was sure whether or not the Admin (!!Celestia) and Mods would decide to keep the board permanently. The confusion only got worse the longer the board was up, until after the second month had nearly lapsed and many users believed the board was there to stay, likely contributing to the lashout it's community made when the board vanished.

Ef today

The message that appears when one attempts to access /ef/ nowadays.

The board was created to test what would happen if some of the strain of the rules was alleviated from the users. It was the only pure wildcard board recorded on Ponychan.

The rules of Ponychan still applied towards the board, but were much more relaxed. It was considered the /b/ of Ponychan (previously /oat/, which until mid-2013 had been considered a purely pony-related board). /ef/ was frequented mostly by old posters, though it did attract some newer ones. The name /ef/ stood for Everfree, a forest near Ponyville that is known to be untamed by ponies (e.g. weather moves by itself rather than manually) and full of dangers.

This created borderline chaos. Many laughs were had during the board's first weeks, where jokes about genitalia and other such taboo topics came up on a general basis These jokes eventually receded in consistancy as well as the rate of how long such thread topics would remain up, but never vanished completely from the community of /ef/. On March 16, 2012, a rather poorly-received sticky by the moderator !!RainbowDash stated that the board /ef/ was a failure, and /ef/ was locked later that day. The words of several moderators were deemed acidic in quality (including !RainbowDash's), which resulted in a few users quitting Ponychan and setting up their own imageboard, efchan. The events that transpired via the creation and removal of /ef/ created one of the loudest splinterings of the community to date. Many long time Ponychan users moved to efchan when the site split.

As of mid-April 2013, entering /ef/ in the same way as one would enter a secret board (URL editing) would bring up a board with nothing in it. You will now get a 404 error if you attempt to visit it.

MLPchan, at its first month, technically had an Everfree board. However, there wasn't enough demand for the community to keep it, and was eventually removed.

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