Equestria girls parody cover by johnjoseco-d3hdjkf

Equestria Girls is a ponyfied version of the song "California Gurls" By Katy Perry.

It was created by Hasbro/Hub as a show of apretiation for the dedication of Equestria Daily and the rest of the Fandom for the show. Though the song quickly died down not long after that, It is still remembered by many.

This was aired on the hub and is now in regular cicrulation on the channel.

In it there are two words created by the fans:

"Bronie" and "DJ-Pon3".

It is song by Pinkie Pie whose singing actor is Shannon Chan-Kent.

Equestria Girls Movie

Equestria Girls March 2 2013 character designs

In January 2013, the domain owner of, which was nothing but an embedding of the music video, was given a "DMCA Notice", requesting that the site should be "shut down" and allow the domain to be "transferred" to Hasbro. As stated in a roundstable article, this "paints a worrisome picture of the future for the creeative output of the fandom."(confrimed not the final design)

It was later confirmed that Hasbro has lit a green light for a TV movie called Equestria Girls, a non-canon animated movie which would feature humanized. This has stirred up a lot of controversy like the canonized Alicorn Twilight episode that appeared in the season 3 finale, multiple ponies, such as sunset shimmer that only appeared as toys also appears in this movie but as humans.

MLP Equestria Girls-Extended Hub Promo Edition

MLP Equestria Girls-Extended Hub Promo Edition

Equestria Girls Extended version

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Equestria Girls

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls Original