Efchan as of 3/27/13




Black Butterfly !Alyssa/pM2


Ponychan's defunct /ef/


Est. traffic

~500 posts-per-day

Efchan is a chan dedicated to resurrecting the deleted /ef/ board of Ponychan. Before the launch of the full site, it had five boards at, /meta/, /arch/, /test/, /commonwealth/, and /ef/, and two boards at (which is no longer open), /alpha/ and /indev/. Currently, efchan's boards are /ef/ and /site/. A pony-themed board, /pv/, existed but was made hidden and locked due to minimal traffic. A few posts on /ef/ dated back to March 25, 2012, but the site didn't start getting a substantial userbase until the day after. Efchan officially launched on April 8, 2012.

Efchan has since changed hands from its founder, who after extended absence, left the site and named Cross Breeze and Doc Lee as the new administration.

Efchan is in a state of terminal illness. She needs her mercy killing. The dream we all once shared of /ef/ is now nothing but a shell of her former self. We formed /ef/ to what it is, and now we must kill her off. RIP /ef/. 2012~2017

List of Staff

Efchan has had very little turnover rate throughout its existence until the complete ownership change in 2014.

Administrators/Owners: Cross Breeze, Doctor Lee

Moderators: Jacey, Radiance, Goats

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