Dis being srs

/dis/ being serious.

Discussion is an offshoot of the /chat/ board meant for more serious topics. It is to /chat/ as /pony/ is to /oat/. Sometimes, some /dis/ threads are exchanged with /meta/. Many threads fall along the subjects of philosophy, current events, religion, then every once in a while, borderline controversial topic.

The major differences between this board and /chat/ is its tendency to discuss something rather than someone. Users on this board are encouraged, however not forced, to research their topics before posting, refrain from decrying the subject of a thread, and take any personal attacks elsewhere.

Unlike the rest of the site, however, necrothreads are not discouraged, as long as the topic still remains relevant.

The vast majority of /dis/ is currently moderated by the third !!Twilight Mod, or as known by his usertrip, Flutterguy, whom also remains one of the most active users on the board,

is part of the many boards on Ponychan/MLPchan
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