Diaperanon is the presumed name of the recurring anonymous troll that started appearing on /oat/ in late 2012. Every appearance, he gleefully welcomes Ponychan with his obscene diaper fetish. He then proceeds to dump his diaper folder, awaiting for a mod to intercept his thread, where they ultimately ban him. Diaper fetishes are considered a bannable offense, however it is unlikely that he will ever be permabanned unless he starts ban evading or starts dumping nudity. That's why he has yet to disappear. He has been charged with ban evasion and thus has been permabanned.

Community Reaction

Diaperanon has traversed both Ponychan and MLPchan to make sure everyone understands that his diaper fetish is the greatest fetish evar.


While it is very nearly impossible to detect who is the same anon every time, this guy makes it very easy to decipher. As of late March, he has openly admitted to being the same person every single thread.

Most users express a general distaste of diaperanon's shenanigans, and others try to derail it. However, most mods, except Moony, find his devotion of his fetish humorous, and only continue to ban him because that's their job. They almost never delete the thread either, but instead either lock it or move it to an outcast board.


Upon his permanent ban on his former site, Diaperanon sought new lands that would be more tolerable to diaper fetishes, but just slightly, just slightly. Over at MLPchan's /oat/, his threads remain active without intervention with mods.

External Links

  1. Sample Thread - He admits to being the same anon every time.
  2. SFW thread - Mods allow it; diaperanon's dreams come true.

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