Pretty awesome dude

This guy is pretty much the baddest motherbucker to post derpy ever on the site. Except for Marceline. He now moderates mlpchan as !!Derpy but nobody cares.

If you think he is uncool then you are dead wrong.

His hobbies include hitting on other guys (no homo) and helping out other people, but mostly just chillin out max and relaxin' all cool and playing some b-ball outside of the school.

If you ever see him around, do not resist the natural urge to praise him and possibly give him money. It's just natural.

He seldomly comes to /rp/ to play as colgate. He also appears on /chat/ most of the time.

Side note Chaptor raped,burned,lynched and fucked Derpy in a RP /oat/ thread.

They never spoke to each other since then.


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