Convention Junction – March 5th 2013 - Derpy Hooves News

DHN on 3/7/13

Derpy Hooves News , or
(Previous domain, and often abbreviated DHN) is a pony news blog run by Derpysquad, which has actually been around since late 2010, but hasn't actually caught on as fast as its main rival, Equestria Daily. But you can't blame them, it's hard to compete with someone who never goes to bed anyhow. According to the view counter, they get approximately 1% of the traffic that EqD gets. However, it has its own audience.

The MLPG archives regarding posts involving DHN date back to 12/17/10 , making it the first pony news site, and possibly, the first G4 pony related fansite.

Community Preference

The site is known for its detailed newsletters regarding the show and the community. Most of their fans choose this site because these are known to be its more popular articles. Some are opinionated, some are not. However, on the flipside, their team was also a heavy advocate during the #SaveDerpy drama back in February 2012. Derpyhoovesnews is also notorious for their editors' mild distaste in the whole "fan of the fandom" phenomenon and their overall preference in the discussion of the official content, the show, its comics, and its merchandise. However, just like any of the blog sites, they occasionally get pretty off topic during the hiatus.

Notable Articles


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