"Trixie is best pony!"
Site URL
Application Custom RoR project written from scratch
Founder Carcer
Admins The Frowning Pony, byte[], Carcer
Userbase initially Ponibooru, then later became a mainstream aspect of the fandom.
Estimated Traffic 700+ uploads per day

Derpibooru is currently the largest pony-related image booru on the internet. It is currently the third most popular pony site on the internet, trailing behind Equestria Daily and FimFiction.

Derpibooru initially grew in popularity mainly due to the closure of its predecessor, Ponibooru. At the closure of Ponibooru, all users were redirected to Derpibooru and torrents of all the images were put up to transfer all the content over. Many traditions that were part of the original Ponibooru were eventually adopted by Derpibooru users as well after the migration.

Derpibooru is operated by three administrators, twenty-four moderators, and seventeen site assistants at the time of writing. The Smiling Pony, the site's main financial support, covers the cost of the site that is not covered by the funds from advertising and the Patreon. Clover the Clever is the site's lead coder, and Carcer had the original idea of Derpibooru.

The site is friendly to users that wish to remain anonymous. Users can upload images, post comments, and reply to threads without creating an account first. Furthermore, signed-in users can perform most actions anonymously by simply filling in a checkbox stating that they wish to be anonymous. As a bonus to people who wish to hide their IP address, Derpibooru even allows users to access the site via an onion address. However, since users on the Tor relay cannot be identified by IP address, they must first create an account to use the site.

Formerly, the site had approached the community in a hands-off matter and allowed the posting of almost all pony-related content. Following some internal struggle and discussion, certain kinds of images were banned from being posted.

The site is written in a custom Ruby On Rails application from scratch. To counter the scalability problems of most regular boorus, the search is powered by the Elasticsearch search engine. The most processing-intensive operations are intentionally programmed to be run as background jobs as a design choice.

Derpibooru used to run their own CDN from a few geolocations. Derpibooru now uses CloudFlare to globally cache and distribute all their images.

Per information provided on their Patreon, Derpibooru's costs average about $600 per month.

External Links

  1. - the history of the site's status
  2. - A /collab/ thread by Clover during beta testing

Additionally, you can find the site's IRC channel in The channel is so lax that it's practically unmoderated.


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