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"Trixie is best pony!"
Site URL
Application Custom RoR project written from scratch
Founder The Smiling Pony
Admins Carcer, Clover, Launchycat
Userbase initially Ponibooru, then later became a mainstream aspect of the fandom.
Estimated Traffic 1000+ uploads per day
Derpibooru is a Pony-related imagebooru that grew to be the most popular of such, with the community conjoining the fleeing users that had regularly posted in its former rivaling site. It is currently the 3rd most popular pony site behind Equestria Daily and FiMfiction. At the closure of Ponibooru, the former admin, whom also served the archive for MLPG, had created multiple torrents seed the content while it was being transferred to the new site.  

The site has always been run by four admins. The Smiling Pony, while being the provider of financial support of the site (the remainder of which is not broken even by ads and donations), has kept the others in equal standing as well. They include Carcer, Clover, and Launchycat.

It currently has a slowly growing subculture as well, despite the fallbacks from having a once established culture from their former site. For example, Derpibooru movie night, a movie night live stream, has been a tradition that was adopted by the former culture as well. 

The site's staff approaches the community in a hands-off manner, and will allow the posting of almost all pony-related content, whether mature or not, as long as such content is tagged appropriately with the exception of uploading images via proxy which, has been prohibited recently. They are also known for their impressive coding power, and never hesitate to add new features when they're suggested. The site is written in a custom Ruby on Rails application from scratch, which works around the scalablility problems most other *booru projects faced. More server-intensive operations are intentionally programmed to be background processes only, as a design choice. The "booru-on-rails" project that powers the site is planned to be released to the public once the debugging is complete. It has recently been disclosed that Derpibooru's server costs come to about $600 a month. That's more than the costs of Ponychan, Efchan, and MLPchan combined.

External Links

  1. - the history of the site's status
  2. - A /collab/ thread by Clover during beta testing

Additionally, you can find the site's IRC channel in The channel is so lax that it's practically unmoderated.


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