You like piccolo dick don't you Rainbow Cash?

Dont lie want it.

No, Chaptor, I do not.


Double dose

Dr.Piccolo MD

Daily Dose or Piccolo Dick is a meme originating from /v/ (Video Games) forum on 4chan.
The main objective of the meme is to post two pixels – Green and Purple in order to make a person think about the image of Piccolo from Dragon Balls anally raping Vegeta whenever they see something Green and Purple.

The meme started to be posted everyday, therefore being called daily dose. A typical reply to the image being posted would be “Thanks Doc!” or if the image is not posted, yet hinted “I need my daily dose, Doc!”

Moderator reaction


Daily dose /v/

Soon, the moderators of /v/ started to ban everyone who posted the unedited version of the image. Causing the users to post it even more by simply editing the original image and reporting it – giving all the users their daily dose. This caused a very wide spread on /v/ and soon moved onto other boards.[[Category:>Implying RainbowCash doesn't get the hourly dose.]]

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