The coining of the "clopblocked" term.

Clopblocking is a term coined by Snips' VA, Lee Tockar, which is a portmonteau of the words "clop," and "cockblock." While it didn't catch on with the remainder of the community at all, it became a common sight on Ponychan's /oat/ to derail over-the-line sexually suggestive threads that will more than likely be dropped off at a hidden board anyhow.


On March 8th, a thread appeared on /oat/ by Starlight Ironhoof introducing the word and presenting the screencap on twitter. On March 14th, another "I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash" thread appeared on /oat/, where it was initially derialed via "clopblocking" by F !FFFFFmDWgc . It immediately caught wind by /oat/'s community as they proceeded to derail the thread until a mod redirected it to a hidden board to be deleted.

Clopblocking can include:

  • Shooping snips to "censor" the obscene stuff.
  • Strikethroughing a clopfic, replacing anything explicit with "Snips" in its path.


"Just clopblocked this shitty fucking post, which is kind of funny, since i am Snips. that's right numbskull. i don't need to report shit, but i thought i would clopblock this case just so you know how badly you fucked up. As a professional clopblocker, a user of elevated privilege, i actually have a clopblock interface that patches me directly to Trixie. so she will be here soon to ravage your ass. She also gave me access to the Royal Canterlot database in the library so i can see every post you've ever made - and man, you posted a lot of fucking shit. i actually am going to report your IP to the Equestrian patrol force, no joke, there is some seriously cloppy shit in these log files which are currently up on my screen. You picked the wrong town to shitpost on mother fucker. this is the end of you."

You can view the first derail here .

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