Clonehunter is a guy who hates clones but supports government projects that have to do the with making clones. Anyways, he's a totally awesome a guy. He joined sometime during the summer and the and posted mostly in /pony/ or /pic/, and a little of /merch/. Everyone thought he was awesome right away, especially because he posted with Jeff and Goldblum pictures. But he dropped that when he discovered the awesomeness that was the Cakes, and now posts almost exclusively as Mr and Mrs. Cake, Pound, and Pumpkin Cake. His waifu is Mr. Cake, and vice versa. He also used to post as Doomguy and for a short time as the TF2 Sniper. But then he got cool again posted as the Cakes.

Power Glove

It's So Bad.

Now days he's mostly bossing around /Pony/ After Dark, usually visiting during his lunch hour to say hello.

Also with the assistance of Warmitchine, he started a clopfic starring several users from /pony/. (But then they gave up cuz lazy asses)

Clone is also known for a huge ass story about the origin of his user name and internet adventures. He hasn't finished telling all of it, but it is continuing the adventure. He'll and probably come and write it on this page sometime.

He also Loves the Power Glove. It's so bad.

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