An old sticky of /chat/ on the front page. The thread now has been deleted and currently there are no sticky threads on /chat/

/chat/ is a board for all things non-pony on Ponychan and formerly such on MLPchan. Arguably once the most popular board, and the board with the most posts, /chat/ has created some of the bigger fads of ponychan (see: How Are You and Roll Games). Once a board that housed serial threads (now /gala/ is the serial thread board) and was rather serious (/dis/ is the official discussion board), it has bridged off but remained strong in activity until the /oat/ rule changes in June 2013.

One of its most notorious memes to start on /chat/ were the "ATM Threads" that began off as a story of one guy who allegedly got mugged after being misdirected by something pony-related.

/chat/ is currently seen more as a socializing lounge for topics of your choice. However, it's often seen as middle ground of civility between the chaotic nature of the /oat/ board and the serious debate-engaging counterpart, /dis/. While the board itself remained non-pony, the discussion of people involved in the fandom itself was common sight here. The complete attention divide between /oat/ and /chat/ by testimonies of the longest active users has been described as "forced" and "unnecessary".

During the hiatus on Ponychan and MLPchan, both sites' staff began discussing the possibility of merging their respective boards with their individual /chat/ boards due to a fallback of activity. MLPchan's admin made the decision to merge the boards on there. However, the board still remains on Ponychan, despite the great fallbacks of traffic met from the both the creation of /gala/ and the /oat/ content expansion.

Prior to /oat/'s content expansion, disclosed statistics have shown that /chat/ received over 3000 posts per day, while /oat/'s traffic was half the number of posts as the former. Many of the active /chat/ users, including Cloperella, Mondo, Manley, and Starshine, started posting on /oat/ more often. As of September 2013, /oat/ has absorbed most of /chat/'s activity, now at an average of only 500 posts per day.

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