Sweetie Belle Derelle, quite possibly the most successful meme to come out of Ponychan.

Memes are popular cultural ideas that can be a belief, a catchphrase, a macro, or any kind of behavior that are often spread along the internet. Imageboards are often the grounds in which new memes are born, which is just one of the many reasons why we here choose to be involved in channel-style imageboards rather than your traditional forum. It's important to note that the grounds of a successful meme are not to be from people creating it deliberately, but rather, they stumble upon it. They grow rapidly into success largely on an imageboard because they have a very fundamental base or template. As a result, many memes began as derails. Here are just few of the thousands of memes out there, filtered to contain only memes related to ponies, Ponychan, 4chanMLPchan, Efchan, and anything greatly thrown around in the fandom as a whole.

Memes are mimicked, taken to places where they will be popularized, grow rapidly due to the nature of instant communication of social networking, and fade. However, some in-jokes seem like they will always be here to stay.


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