Canternet's traffic on a typical week.

Canternet is an IRC network run by a user of the name Colgate, and is used for pony related sites/networks mainly associated with radio shows and news blogs. Unlike its friendly rival network, Ponychat, Canternet is used often for more work-safe material in contrast to Ponychat's approach to the more underground pony-related culture. Channels are rotated in six servers from around the world total, named after canon ponies from the show in a similar manner as Ponychan's image servers. Canternet usually garners an average of 700 users per day, excluding weeks involving major conventions that would cause those numbers to skyrocket.

Popular Channels

As of December 1st, 2012, Ponychan's IRC channel (#Ponychan) resides on Canternet's hosting. The most popular channels are listed as follows.

Popular IRC Channels
#EquestriaDaily is the official channel of the news blog, Equestria Daily. This channel currently receives the most users, however, it does not hold the status as the most popular channel.
#EverfreeNetwork holds its place on Everfree Radio as the official chatroom and receives more traffic than any channel on this network. Notorious for its history of public fandom representation, it is often the premiere place for live discussion involving major conventions and AmA's of guest stars, yet often criticized for its moderation being visibly stringent beyond the room's PG label. (i.e. slang words like "spaghetti" being a bannable offense)
#EquestriaAfterDark is the official channel for EqD's mirror mature blog, EquestriaAfterDark. (18+)
#FalloutEquestria is the self-explanatory name of the channel dedicated to the discussion of the fanfic, "Fallout Equestria."
#TechPonies shares no community relation to any particualar pony site, however it remains an active discussion area for tech-oriented people whom just happened to be fans of pony.
#DerpAfterDark is a popular mature roleplay channel of which just about anything goes. (18+)
#CelestiaRadio is the official chatroom for the oldest pony-related radio station, Celestia Radio.
#EquestriaDailyArt is the splintered channel of EqD oriented towards discussion on drawing and artwork.
#Canternet is the obligatory lobby channel of the Canternet IRC network.
#EquestrianStudy is a channel moderated to allow the collaboration of pony-related projects, similar to Ponychan's /collab/.
#FillyRadio is the official chatroom for the electronic/dubstep/trance pony radio station FillydelphiaRadio.
#EquestrianGamers is the channel dedicated for pony-related games, plus some off topic games as well.
#FoldingIsMagic is a channel for charity site, bronyathome's team, 212997.
#BerryTube is a compliment IRC room for Synchtube style pony stream, BerryTube.
#EquestriaDailyOOC is yet another branch of Eqd's channels, specifically aimed to be an off-topic lounge for roleplay discussion.
#FalloutEquestriaTavern is a roleplay channel specifically for Fallout Equestria characters and OC's with relevance.
#EqNRPOOC is another mature roleplaying channel that remains more story oriented than most mature RP communities. (18+)
#Help is the official help channel of Canternet. If you have any questions in regards to the staff or the network, take them here.
#FoETavernOOC is the off-topic lounge for the roleplay channel, #FalloutEquestriaTavern.
#FalloutEquestriaAfterDark is a parallel mature channel for #FalloutEquestriaTavern. (18+)
#LunaRadio is the official channel for Luna Radio, a pony-related radio station.
#fic is the unofficial channel for Ponychan's /fic/ board. Surprisingly, this channel attracts more traffic than Ponychan's home IRC channel.
#EquestriaDailyRP is EqD's Roleplay channel. This roleplay channel is dedicated to following the style and nature of the show as closely as possible.
#PonySpeculation usually gains a large amount of traffic when details with regards to new episodes emerge, and is known to be the premiere place for the discussion of unreleased content from the show. It remains dormant during the hiatus for obvious reasons.
#BronyTV is the compliment IRC channel for bronyTV streaming discussion.
#Ponychan currently remains as Ponychan's official IRC channel. While traffic currently appears to be slower, it once was an active discussion channel.

External Links

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