>CLOP (always written using the ">" symbol) is a text-based, browser-based geopolitical/economy game made by pony fans in a similar vein to popular games like Nation States and >BLOC.


The game plays as a turn-based nation builder. You begin with a basic nation in one of four different regions of the >CLOP world: Burrozil, Przewalskia, Saddle Arabia, and Zebrica. Each region has a different resource(s) that can be harvested—things like oil, sugar, gems, and copper. These in turn then can be marketed and traded with other players' nations. Harvesting resources requires building facilities, which in turn has its own costs and consequences, all which must be managed. Other aspects of a player's nation that must be managed are things like Satisfaction—the general happiness of your nation's ponies. You can also build and maintain armies for defense or attack, and engage other nations in combat. Alliances and Empires also impact the game, as well as relations with NPC empires of the Solar Empire and New Lunar Republic, among other things.


The >CLOP community is located at the MLPchan general thread on /anon/ for the game. Many of the players were originally part of the >BLOC game's community, migrating over to the pony-fied version >CLOP upon its creation.


In-game screenshot of the user control panel

Screen 2

Example of a marketplace screenshot

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