A Brohoof is a universal greeting for bronies. A brohoof can be used in place of the following:

  • Hi five
  • Challenge accepted
  • Respect
  • Rock on
  • Peace
  • A handshake
  • And many more.

The name brohoof originates from the word brofist, the act of two brothers knocking their fist into each other as a sign of contentment. Brohoof's usage on so many definitions is because ponies do not have fingers and hands, unlike humans.

On The Internet

"Hi (insert name here), Brohoof"  *Brohoof*

Post an image depicting a brohoof. It's also a wordfilter on ponychan. It should also be noted that this phrase is very widely used during convention livestreams.

Outside The Internet

You and a fellow brony each extend an arm of their choice so that the hooves (or in the case of humans, knuckles) collide.

Saying "brohoof" is optional.