The day it began.

Discord Cutie mark



There is a well-known image on Ponychan that came from 4chan's /co/ board. The image originates from the Pony Thread Simulator v2.2 video, where at the beginning 2 seconds, there is an image of the face with the words "IT BEGINS". Shockingly, this didn't come from /v/ nor /sp/, as my research resulted . It's the San Diego Chargers' mascot, Boltman. Funny how all these memes can get so off topic from their respective boards.

It became a popular image in /oat/, and was used very often. Later in /oat/, a user was asking what Discord would look like, and the picture he used was the same face. When the thread was around 80 posts everybody started posting the image and making their own edits of it. It is sometimes used as a derail (not as often, but in some instances it still happens).

The face is now very rarely used since the start of season two, as it was confirmed that the image is, indeed, not Discord. However, on the other side of the internet world known as /v/ & /co/, this image is in almost every thread.


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