Blooga (or Beluga) is a longtime /P/AD and Ark poster known for his friendly disposition, musical prowess, culinary acumen, and gay jokes. Lots and lots of gay jokes, usually involving dicks (his own or others). Recently lived in Texas, but moved to Seattle along with TripFoalins in early 2017 to be Hat's roommate. Now he's a little whale in a big pond.

Blooga irl

On Ponychan he avatars as Osaka from Azumanga Daioh, which is the most fitting possible choice of avatar in the /P/AD/Ark community imaginable. Plays piano, frequently composes and posts his own music in Ark's Discord, along with other stuff he thinks is cool (and it usually is!)

Often posts in #food and gives out advice on cooking and such, knows more about spices than you'll probably ever forget. Participated in Ark's D&Dio game, in which he was somebody called Dan the Rebelman? Idk man, you probably had to be part of the game to get it.


“If I did kill Jews for money, it wouldn’t be because they’re Jews, I’m not racist.” - Blooga

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