A poster displaying an early cast of BLN dating back to April 2012.

Better Layton Never is the name of a highly organized ongoing Roleplay series currently on MLPchan's /rp/ board, presented for where "beings from a thousand dimensions come together" as MoriShellmon !uSheLL31n6  described[1]. The long-running roleplay series has permitted for pretty much any event to happen.

The story takes place in the world of "Rigel Prima", where only about 1/3 of it is inhabited.  The inhabited lands however are the homes of a number of mansions owned by families whom wield massive political power. Much more can be deconstructed about the BLN universe of which goes far beyond the context of this wiki.


The founding of the story canon dates back to Ponychan’s /oat/ board on October 2011. As many people accepted, /rp/ was dubbed a dead board at the time. MadCrona had approached the /oat/ board’s members and posted a thread involving a very loose form of roleplaying using a character idea he was going to use for a fanfic. A number of people that are now players of the series had caught onto the idea and began roleplaying as such across many active threads. 

It would be around this time that the once dead board /rp/ would gain a following when users by the names MadCrona, Sparkly, Dusty, Sawrik, Spider, Jo, Shy, Kuro, and finally Layton would move there and establish the newly founded roleplay arc, “Better Layton Never” was born.[2]


BLN had soared in popularity from its early days in Ponychan and has not been affected by fallouts by the hiatus in any cases whatsoever, despite its migration to MLPchan when it was still young. Players day by day, work hard to develop their character and their relationships. However, community etiquette states that it is a closed roleplay arc and thus requires permission by their management before in-character interaction takes place. The threads on MLPchan are given [#closed] tags and are moderated as such as a result.

Be mindful that your OOC conduct affects the effectivity [sic] of this! It isn't a guaranteed success, but it does greatly help your chances at people being more willing to RP with you!

–BLN Roleplay Etiquette[3], Steam group

The closed status of the Roleplay canon is very likely the reason as to why the serials are never listed on the directory. Much similar to most roleplay story arcs, their communities experience much inward growth and thus lack of publicity is not an issue.


As of November, Better Layton Never is ranked #3 of most active serials on MLPchan and remains the most organized roleplay series across both /rp/ boards on its home and that of Ponychan. The community also has a solidly active wiki and Steam group where ongoing canon is continued and recorded.


See Also

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  3. - in-character roleplay schedule



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