RD Because Europe

One of many variations of the "Because Europe" phenomenon

Created on July 5th of 2011, the term "Because Europe" is a comical way to escape tedious and precarious "Why?" questions on Ponychan. The term was born from a poster named Monsieur Le Flour!pRainbowLg in response to a question posed by a fellow poster, Rellek, who lived in another timezone. The question regarded the poster's time, and the response was a true but rather half-asked response of "Because Europe". Since then, all those present in the thread (Rainbow Dash Appreciation Thread)  jokingly answer Monsieur's "Why?" questions with his ever-regretful response of "Because Europe"

While the term is not entirely widespread, there are a few instances where posters outside the norm have caught onto the contagious amusing response and so it is occasionally used across the chan.

Because europe the europing

One of the macros made to commemorate the phrase.

But why?

Because Europe. T'was a silly response and being the silly posters we are, we took it and ran with it. Not only that, but when used in Monsieur's presence, he grows irritant and wonders why it ever became a thing. The response is obvious. Ever since then the likes have slowly increased and there are a few macros of the "Because Europe" phenomenon.


RD Because Europe Post

The original "Because Europe" post.

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