Element of Anonymity!ecllIAnonQ is a very well known troll, primarily due to a stunt he pulled on Ponychan's /ef/ back on March 15, 2012, and the very distinctive face he posts.

The First Incident

Element of Anonymity posted a thread on /ef/ asking for users to share their most horrific experiences. An anon posted, saying they had been molested as a child. Element of Anonymity proceeded to make rape jokes and claim he had a desire to rape the anon in question. It sparked a derail and intervention from !!AngelBunny, who permabanned EoA.

Element of Anonymity moves to efchan

After /ef/ was deleted, efchan was made to accommodate all the displaced /ef/feminates from Ponychan. After a few days, EoA found the site. He began following around a (transgendered) user named Jelly Bean, calling him a man and commenting on his genitalia. He was given a ban for this, which he shortly evaded. After a few hours, he was permanently banned.

Ban Evasion

On May 16th, 2012, Element of Anonymity evaded his bans efchan and Ponychan. He made one thread on /ef/, which shortly disappeared.

Afterwards, EoA created another thread in which he caused no trouble, other than evading his permaban. However, some users were upset by his presence, derailing the thread into a brief bout between Pope and Scootie Belle. Later on in the thread, Chaptor told stories about anthropomorphic jets and British Army locked it while making a reference to the one week ban he gave MeinFlank. The thread in which he returned to efchan can be found here (saved and hosted by MeinFlank!)

EoA continues to wander in the mists of MLPchan and Stevenmagnet chan after this event.

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