Alright Guy was an exploitable image macro and meme that occasionally appeared across Ponychan. The macro originated from the Pony After Dark serial thread and was seemingly introduced by thread regular Llamaq. The macro consists of the head of a man with a strange looking smile which was cut from a large image that featured the man shrugging, captioned with "Alright." The screencap was taken from a YouTube video that featured the man—presumably an employee at the store featured in the video—shrugging, laughing, and saying the word "Alright." The video itself is pulled from an episode of Game Chasers, a YouTube series.

The meme lasted as long as Pony After Dark, and fell to the wayside after the majority of the thread's members moved into the Story Thread. The meme still receieves some nostalgic recognition in the The Ark serial, but has otherwise lapsed in popularity.



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