Algol is the godamn king of ponychan. If you fuck with him, he will teleport to yur locations and fucking murder you with a 2 inc knife. He is a trained expert in human biology so you ain't gonna die quick, you little nigger. You're gona last a long time before you die, you gonna have pneumothorax for fun, maybe fuck with your ears a bit, do a bit of permanent facial disfigurement and an illeostomy so ya shitting in a bag the rest of your life.

Algol first started posting on /chat/. Before /chat/ was kill. But fuck chat, was always a silly place. Sometime in 2012 he first visited cause sick of the fucking clop bullshit on /mlp/.

And he's a godamn wizard. Summons demons and shit, has gotten way more horse pussy than you can ever dream of. He's the president of aizerberjaistan. He's personally fucked about 8 ponychanners cuz he get's around like that, all but mewtini(forced to dress as eqg pinkie) were consensual. SO stop making YOUR GODMAN WHORE ACCUSATIONS! ALGOL IS NOT A RAPIST OR A PEDOPHILE

And here's some music he made once. Such edgy, much art.


And this is what he looks like, he's sugoi as fuck nig nog.

Algol is smarter than you because he does more acid and cough syrup than you.

Nigga you aint' shit. Fuck you. Go an knock over allyour toys. Little bitch. Death to those who don't love fluttershy. Like serious, you know if you tied that bitch up she'd be so kinky and make the best fuck noises. And is the best pony all around. Most relatable struggle, best psychology, kindest pony, best mare, most fuckable. Lunafags are cancer.

In late 2013/early 2014 algol was a victim of walmart hypersigil mind control. The foolowing is an accurate depiction of his life at the time. His posting became very erratic during this period.

He likes to make posts between his jerking off, working a minimum wage job and doing schoolwork. Since he has no frineds, this gives him about 9 hours a day to posts because he drinks enough coffee to not have to sleep. He also is a big fan of getting "white girl wasted" and making either lovey dovey posts or strangely incoherent posts about god and shit. At least once a night he will be listening to country music, thinking about fluttershy and sobbing deeply.

SO now you know Algol. Nigga is str7 better than you. Fuck you. You're going to die alone. I hope you live in madness till you die of sadness.

I hate all of you.