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The front page of /80/.

/80/ is a secret board that is a back up of Ponychan made before the migration to the server and board software it is currently on. Most of the images saved on the imageboard had been removed. The name /80/ is based on the 80's cheerilee.

Today, it is a goldmine of 2011 nostalgia. What so interesting is to see a community try to calm itself to prepare for it's upcoming pruning from /b/, while trolls occasionally follow their way into the site. It's also a gem because you can find a bunch of old usertrips that were around since the start of the fandom. Including Big Mcin!Tosh, Pinkie!Pie, and Flutter!Shy.

Avaliable boards on /80/s ponychan

  • Meta
    • This Site - /meta/) - A board for suggestions regarding the site's improvements. Most of the suggestions at the time were technical rather than directed towards moderation.
    • Other Sites - /www/ - As most users migrated to Ponychan, many had always wanted to know where they came from. At its inception, most of them were directed there from /b/rony threads and Derpychat.
    • Off - TopicThis board later was re-added over the spring under what is currently known as /chat/.
  • General
    • Introductions - /hi/ - A lounge for newcomers to meet new people.
    • General - /pony/ - The precursor board for what is now known as /oat/, the "random" board with a ponies-only rule.
    • Episodes - /ep/ - A high class discussion board involving in-depth analysis of the show along with reviews and critiques of any new episodes.
    • Pic - mainly an image repository that still uses the bulletin board format as it did then.
    • Art - /art/ - The artist lounge for any pony-related fanart.
    • Other Media - /media/ - discussion of fandom media, mainly.
    • Stories - /st/ - A successful board that later evolved into Ponychan's /fic/ board.
    • Roleplay - /rp/ - The roleplay board for any on-character interactions, often with avatars, with other people.

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