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EST. October 1st, 2003

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4chan is the predominant English-speaking imageboard on the internet. It was originally set up as an anime discussion board based off of a popular Japanese imageboard called 2chan, but as time went on it expanded to cover other topics, ranging from Weaponry to Video Games to Pokémon, even to Hentai. It is here the MLP fandom was founded. While the Pony fandom started here in October 2010, the site itself has been around since 2003.

Ponies were usually found in 2 boards here: /co/, the comics and cartoons board, and /b/, the random board. As time went on, /mlp/ was created, and most of the pony discussion moved there.

The largest board, /b/, has been notorious for its users to pull pranks on major internet destinations, including a more recent "Dub the Dew" Prank whereas the poll was hijacked so the winning flavor was "Hitler did nothing wrong," and pulled off hoaxes that made the news, such as the #BaldForBieber prank, and have commenced attacks on websites that have given themselves the wrong type of attention.


4chan was created by a banned SomethingAwful user under the handle "moot" in an IRC chatroom. The application itself was coded similarly to the Japanese Futaba Channel, except in English. At the time of its creation, it only had two boards - Anime General, and Anime/Random. Now it is split into six categories of a series of boards, organized by Japanese Culture, Interest, Creative, Adult, Other, and Misc. It also runs a series of textboards, but no one ever uses them.

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Fucking purple people.

While it remains free of charge to use, users can also buy a pass to get around the captcha, known as the 4chan Pass. The site has undergone a full rewrite three times in its history. The first was written by moot himself, which initially only allowed images in the OP. The 2nd time, it was written by WT Snacks to allow image posting. Third time, it appeared to remain the same, but was actually rewritten in HTML5 and CSS3 to make client-side performance faster.


While 4chan allows the use of tripcodes, the use of any self identification when posting is frowned upon by the mostly-anonymous community. It has been said in a newspaper conference that 4chan has become "the antithesis of Google, social networking sites, and blogs."