!!Zecora (PC) is part of the Ponychan staff.


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!!Zecora's introductory thread

!!Zecora ## Mod ## was appointed as a Ponychan mod that was welcomed to the staff on January 29, 2014. Seeing as he has always been a loyal member of the site's /pony/ board and its associated off-topic serial, the staff team has selected him to patrol it. However, it was later decided that he would moderate the site globally.

He remains the only mod on Ponychan to ever take on his duties with in a perpetually rhyming fashion, a la Zecora from the show, and takes this in-character devotion as far as to rhyme his public ban messages, such as "(USER WAS TRAPPED INTO THE SUN TILL THE TIME THEIR BAN IS DONE)" or "(USER WAS WARNED BEFORE; USER IS WARNED NO MORE)", which /oat/'s community has always found to be amusing.

Save for one particular ban, his history as a mod was well received. On September 2014, he retired his former character's tag to escape the burden of making every post rhyme, and was promoted as an admin. He now goes by !!Cadance.

His usertrip is Admiral Yang Wenli

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