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Twilight Sparkle

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!!Twilight Sparkle ## Mod ## was a Ponychan moderator that was recruited in the summer of 2011. He was known for some time for his superb posting abilities when it came to handling situations. He showed activity in fun events within serial threads on chat alongside !!Soarin and !!Fluttershy 3.0. He resigned in May 2012 due to a falling out with administration. He was regarded as one of the more popular moderators, until his decline in presence in the earlier half of 2012.

Cross Breeze was then recruited in the initial batch of moderators on MLPchan's launch. He helped manage the intersite Team Fortress 2 tournament. He retired from the staff in early 2013. As of mid-June 2013, Cross Breeze has asked to revive his position as an MLPchan Mod and ultimately had his mod account restored once again, before retiring from moderation once more at the beginning of 2014.

His usertrip is Cross Breeze !Q1IPegaSus

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