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!!Trixie improvises while Orange MIA.

!!Trixie ## Mod ## is a Ponychan moderator who was recruited on the third round of moderator applications in April 2011. He is known for being a moderator with a preference for shenanigans and has caused innumerable instances of them across /meta/, /chat/, and /ef/. He is the only moderator who uses his intense knowledge of coding for moderator work and pranking, such as changing the names of all users on a page to different colors.

He is criticized for being blunt in his interactions with users, but is also praised for being effective in his work. On top of his moderator duties, he sometimes works with !!Lyra and formerly !!SweetieBelle to resolve server issues. As it currently stands, he has remained inactive as both a mod and a coder for over a year. It is likely that the only explanation for this is to say that the FAQ editors forgot to remove him from the list.

His usertrip is Lemming !!HkZwOvAQV3

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