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!!Spitfire's introductory thread.

!!Spitfire ## Mod ## is a Ponychan moderator that was promoted in July 2013 alongside Ponychan's 2nd !!BigMac moderator. He had previously been handed the duties to maintain the site's FAQ page, Contact Page, the /irc/ board, at its establishment, an operator of the site's IRC channel.

His usertrip is  Strangelove !Doctor2.Y  and Astra !!RoyalGuard .


Personally, he has shown activity on the site since August of 2011, as he had started out posting predominatly in /oat/ and /rp/ before finally making his home in /meta/. Though at his promotion announcement, he had received some backlash due to being accused of "sucking up to the staff". In his defense, he had shown blunt criticism to the mod team when it seemed necessary, including during a poorly handled "raid" on /ooc/.

He has immediately shown activity in the site, including a livestream invite on /oat/ and /pony/ to watch the Equestria Girls movie. He was the editor of the FaQ, contact page and /irc/ board are mantained, a job that has been taken up by Nimble Wing. Out of the three selected moderators to be appointed over the Summer, he is by far the most active of the three and is known for partaking in settling the recent rule changes in /oat/. He has received wide critical acclaim, especially on /p/AD for his "no drama" spirit in his moderation style.

One-day retirement

As of January 31, 2014 he announced that he was stepping down as a moderator, much to the surprise of both his friends and staff. Though, this turned out to just be the aftermath of a bunch of internal mod drama between both Inkwell and Orange, whom originally asked him to leave. Upon the backlash of the announcement, Inkwell revoked his decision and re-invited him back to the modchat.

As of July 2014, he retired the !!Spitfire capcode and became the new !!Twilight.

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