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The former /fic/ sticky.

!!Rarity## Mod ## is a Ponychan moderator who was recruited on the second round of moderator applications in February 2011. He is known for being a jack of all trades, a mod who you can expect in every board other than /rp/, however he is also famed for deleting several topics by accident, often ones filled with Ponychan-related serious discussions. He accidentally does so due to the fact there is no confirmation button on the deletion of a topic, and the moderator tools load exactly where the 'View' link appears. If he clicks 'View' before the mod tools load, he will accidentally hit the delete thread button. He is one of the most veteran moderators of Ponychan, alongside !!RainbowDash and !!Trixie.

In early July 2013, though there were no recent signs of his mod activity diminishing, !!Rarity announced that his mod obligations were becoming a burden for him, and after 2.5 years on the team, he announced his retirement. He further explained that his life has already been difficult for him recently, and could do "a reduction in stress" and feels that this decision would give him "a chance to legitimately enjoy the site again rather than feeling obligated to." He also denied that his retirement was involved with the ongoing admin drama at the time, but many users here were shocked and saddened to hear this news, including existing mods.

On the 30th of November 2013, !!Rarity returned to moderate the site once more.

His usertrip is Crimson Risk !RISkQqf4EM

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