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!!Rarity ## Mod ## is a MLPchan moderator who was recruited in mid-September to replace the outgoing !!IronWill

His usertrip is [EoG] Mellowbloom, el Gato de !/oat/bSI66

Mellowbloom originally came to the pony community from the /b/ pony threads of 4chan, though he also eventually had a strong presence on Ponychan with his well-known namesake OC, both on /oat/ as well as in /rp/ canon.

Mellow is also a capable artist, though he may deny it if you say so~

Mellowbloom maintains a strong identification with /oat/, as the regulars of the board are familiar with him and generally comfortable with him as 'one of them.'
Mellowplot by mellowbloom-d4ghifn


You may often see him posting that non-crippled girl from Katawa Shoujo and drooling on himself lazily.

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