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!!RainbowDash ## Mod ## is a Ponychan moderator and part of what !!Rarity called the "senile three". He is currently the most veteran of the entire Ponychan staff, including the admins. He was recruited in the first round of applications in February 2011, and was made a moderator alongside the first !!Twilight mod. He is still a moderator to this date, with several memes based around him (i.e. love for lasagna).

His usertrips are Rain bro !Dash/xVjEY and sometimes  Bitchy !Gilda5Xqko


He is known for making the announcement of the /oat/ split, the deletion of /ef/ sticky, the creation of numerous informative stickies, and having a rainbow name. It's also importatant to note that he doesn't have any close relations to any one particular group and thus is able to mod with hardly any bias imposed on him. He has gone into lurkmode towards the end of 2011, but has returned to posting consistently in January 2012. He said he will be resigning at some point after the end of Season 2, but hasn't gotten around to leaving yet, because he's a hopeless addict with nothing else to do.

Over the past year, he pops in on occasions. His appearances are brief, but he's said he doesn't disappear; he just lurks more often than he posts, similar to former !!Lyra. Despite his previous announcements of his planned resignations, he has decided to stay.

He is known for occasionally being blunt but straightforward. For his long-spanning history, he definitely knows how moderation works on Ponychan better than most, and this aspect of him has been demonstrated when he chose to revoke Bags' ban during the /p/ad fiasco back in May earlier this year, which was well received.

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